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Sep 19, 2017
May 18, 2006
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Thanks to all the regulars that have stuck by us, Male

Guys looking for an apprentice to learn or should i say be shown my system so it can continue on in the future Apr 7, 2016

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Sep 19, 2017
    1. Barney
      Guys looking for an apprentice to learn or should i say be shown my system so it can continue on in the future
    2. Ade
      Is there a site which tells you the harness racing odds a day or two in advance?

      Use to be on way2bet, but they don't do harness racing anymore it seems.
    3. Barney
      Winter has arrived getting ready to rob bank to supplement the tips
    4. Barney
      May we all back plenty of winners in 2014
    5. paulandba
      Hi Barney, can I deposit $50 into the usual account for Quaddie Club?
    6. Barney
      cherish what you have because you dont know how long you will have it
    7. Barney
    8. gambler
      thanks barney
    9. silverscope
      Thanks for the welcome Barney. Just looking around at the moment. Thought I'd come check it out. Seems pretty good so far.
    10. havenopunt
      hi barney...dont know what the rules ect are on sticky threads or how often you look into sports thread but some of the sticky threads are stale and may need to be replaced...eg..sharky 2010 last updated 8/4/2010...and..sharky 2010 nrl last update 3/4/2010...afl/nrl tipping round one......maybe a clean out needed..my asian style thread is going well maybe is a contender for currant sticky as its active......cheers al
    11. Barney
      No mate havent spoke to him texed me his quaddie yesterday.
    12. sharknut
      mate tassie said you have a message from him regarding the punters club that you should have posted? Dunno...
    13. Normie
      Gday Barney,just letting you know I have paid subs to A. Appleyards account today
      at 11.24am comm/bank Bribie Island. cheers normie
    14. Barney
      No in the bar is a thread about it she is a scammer dont go to her site.
    15. ctlane45
      Hi Barney. Just logged on and had a message saying virus alert. Wanted me to hit a site. Any ideas if this is true??
    16. havenopunt
      hey barney....ill go in quaddie club...cheers al
    17. Normie
      G day Barney,can you please tell me when subs are due as I wish to renew.
      Cheers Normie
    18. Barney
      You can pay direct to chifs account will send to you monday hav fixed up acess for you until then barney
    19. z550469
      Hey Barney i can't seem to use pay pal is there anyway I can BPAY my $19?
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    I will be absent from 22/4 until july going to visit daughter in Usa.
    Would be happy to pass on my system to anyone on here who would like to learn how i come up with selections.