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WAFL Tips 2015

Discussion in 'Sports & Other Tips' started by Ade, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Ade Well-Known Member

    Here it is again. Western Australian Football League starts tonight.

    Lets see how we go with tipping.

    ROUND 1

    South Fremantle v West Perth - South Fremantle :D
    Swan Districts v Perth - Swan Districts :D
    Subiaco v Claremont - Subiaco :D
    East Fremantle v East Perth - East Fremantle :D

    Good luck!!

  2. Ade Well-Known Member

    Round 2

    West Perth v Peel - West Perth :D
    Perth v South Fremantle - South Fremantle :D
    East Perth v Swan Districts - East Perth :D
    East Fremantle v Subiaco - East Fremantle :mad:

    Good luck!!

    Round: 3/4

    Season: 7/8
  3. Ade Well-Known Member

    Round 3

    Subiaco v East Perth - Subiaco :mad:
    South Fremantle v Claremont - South Fremantle :D
    West Perth v Perth - West Perth :D
    Peel v East Fremantle - Peel :D

    Round: 3/4

    Season: 10/12
  4. Ade Well-Known Member

    Round 4

    Swan Districts v South Fremantle - South Fremantle :mad:
    Perth v Peel - Peel :D
    East Fremantle v Claremont - East Fremantle :D
    Subiaco v West Perth - Subiaco :D

    Round: 3/4

    Season: 13/16
  5. Ade Well-Known Member

    Round 5

    East Perth v Peel - East Perth :mad:
    South Fremantle v Subiaco - South Fremantle :mad:
    Swan Districts v East Fremantle - Swan Districts :mad:
    Claremont v Perth - Claremont :mad:

    Round: 0/4
    Season: 13/20
  6. Ade Well-Known Member

    Round 6

    Perth v East Perth - East Perth :D
    Peel v Claremont - Peel :D
    West Perth v Swan Districts - West Perth :D
    South Fremantle v East Fremantle - South Fremantle :mad:

    Round: 3/4
    Season: 16/24
  7. Ade Well-Known Member

    Round 7

    Swan Districts v Peel - Peel :mad:
    Perth v Subiaco - Subiaco :D
    East Perth v South Fremantle - East Perth :mad:
    Claremont v West Perth - Claremont :D

    Round: 2/4
    Season: 18/28
  8. Ade Well-Known Member

    Round 8

    West Perth v East Perth - West Perth :D
    Peel v Subiaco - Subiaco :D
    Claremont v Swan Districts - Swan Districts :mad:
    East Fremantle v Perth - East Fremantle :D

    Round: 3/4
    Season: 21/32
  9. Ade Well-Known Member

    Round 9

    West Perth v East Fremantle - West Perth :D
    South Fremantle v Peel - South Fremantle :mad:
    Claremont v East Perth - East Perth :mad:
    Subiaco v Swan Districts - Subiaco :D

    Round: 2/4
    Season: 23/36
  10. Ade Well-Known Member

    WAFL General BYE

    No action this weekend as a state contest takes place at Lathlain Park in suburban Perth.

    WAFL v SANFL - SANFL by 15 points.

    Match starts at 2:15pm local or 4:15pm for those in the East.

    Watch the match here - http://www.wafl.com.au/stategame
  11. Ade Well-Known Member

    WAFL Round 11

    Swan Districts v East Perth - Swan Districts :mad:
    South Fremantle v Perth - South Fremantle:D
    Peel v West Perth - Peel:mad:
    Subiaco v East Fremantle - Subiaco:D
  12. Ade Well-Known Member

    WAFL Round 12

    Subiaco v South Fremantle - Subiaco :D
    Peel v East Perth - Peel :D
    East Fremantle v Swan Districts - East Fremantle:mad:
    Perth v Claremont - Claremont :D

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